Slow News = Repeating Rumors; Plus, Hawks Sign Rutta–Proof TVR/Kruger Heading to Vegas?

It’s around this time that you’re over the (many) rumors of what trades Vegas might make and who they’re talking to/targeting in the weeks prior to the drafts.

If you’re like me, all you want is the Expansion Draft to just happen already.

There’s too many reports/rumors out there to comment on—most of which are scenarios where people discuss what players to avoid (due to skill/contract issues) and others talking about the Knights “exploring” different options, but there’s never really any specifics.

The bottom line is—and like it was from the beginning—we really don’t know what they’ll do. They probably have hundreds of options and scenarios lined up.  Unless something continually comes up, it’s tough to guess just what they might have up their sleeves.


The one thing that seems to be a constant (and one I’ve talked about here a couple times) is Vegas getting Kruger and TVR from Chicago. This certainly gained steam this morning with the Hawks signing prized D-man, Jan Rutta, from the Czech league.  Many teams were seeking the assistance of Jan’s 6-foot-3 frame on their blueline but the Hawks were able to get him.  The signing marks what could be an overhaul of the Defensemen in Chicago and the signing seems to have a lot of people thinking TVR is probably done in the Windy City.

If the rumors are true and TVR (with Kruger) are in fact done and Vegas bound, I would think an announcement would be made sooner rather than later. If so, it will mark the first real significant move Vegas has made—“significant” referring to actually dealing with another organization within the NHL to get NHL-seasoned/ready/proven players.

Keep your eyes peeled.

All for now,

Second City Knight


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