Knights and Hawks and Jerseys! OH MY!

Sort of a slow week in terms of news for the Knights, but if you dig, you can usually find some things.

So, I dug…

Blackhawks blogger, Jonathan Jaeckel, over at Hockey Buzz wrote a brief column that the Hawks have been talking with a number of teams–one of which being Vegas (Hockey Buzz).  JJ is my favorite writer at Hockey Buzz and a stand-up guy.  He has integrity for his sources and doesn’t throw rumors out there for the sake of generating hits to his blog.  His information is typically pretty accurate, so when he posts said rumors/news, I tend to listen.

That being said….

It makes sense that Vegas would be talking with the Hawks.  For months, there has been rumors that young Chicago Defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk and Center Marcus Kruger could be in Knights sweaters next season.  Each player would be a good pickup for Vegas, by the way.

But even more so than that, Chicago has a serious cap issue and with their first round exit at the hands of the Preds, many believe the Blackhawks will clean house this summer and could have a whole new look next season.

Vegas has the room to take on big contracts and Chicago is looking to unload some of theirs–so there’s a high probability that both teams could work together and benefit from one another.  The only thing that could prove tricky is that, although Vegas is willing to take burdensome contracts off teams hands, they may be asking for a first round pick with it.  I guess if teams are desperate enough to unload a contract, they may be willing to give up a draft pick in order to make it happen.  We’ll just have to wait and see…

Moving on.

If you think teams look strictly for on-ice skill/talent when putting their teams together, think again.  A major part of signing guys depends on their off-ice personalities.  The Las Vegas Review-Journal has a nice article that gives you a little snapshot into GM George McPhee and the Knight’s process when it comes to interviewing potential players and what their answers and body language can tell them.

Golden Knights Hockey Ops Staff Keeping Busy As Drafts Approach

Lastly, for all you jersey nerds–me being one of them–Philly’s Phinest over at recently posted some jersey concepts he created.

You can see the rad concepts via the link below:

Philly’s Phinest Golden Knights Sweater Concepts

Now that we’re coming into June, news should really start picking up!

All for now,

Second City Knight







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