Knights Ink Deal with ROOT SPORTS

Bill Foley and President of AT&T Sports Networks, Patrick Crumb, recently announced that AT&T’s ROOT SPORTS network will be the television home of the Vegas Golden Knights.

Not many details in terms of the contract length and monetary agreement have come out, but under the arrangement, ROOT SPORTS will cover the Rocky Mountain territory and broadcast to Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and parts of Arizona and California– Broadcasters being announced at a later date.

I don’t know how far of a reach teams on the West coast (and Colorado for that matter) have,  but this deal could provide a really nice way for people in the Rocky Mountain area to get another team to watch and root for–while simultaneously expanding the Knights fan base.

What’s also nice is that ROOT will provide other hockey-related material on the network that’s outside of strictly game coverage. So, fans will be able to get insider programs and specials.

There was an image that accompanied the press release that caught my eye and I’m sure other people’s, too.

It could be a stretch, but the image (below) might give us a little glimpse into what the pants/shells might look like for the Knights. If you look closely at the player on the right, he looks to have the Vegas star logo placed mid-thigh on his pants.


It might just be a Photoshop job to give the image a little extra pizazz, but, personally, I hope the breezers end up with the star on them. It could be really sharp looking and definitely unique.

All for now,

Second City Knight


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